Carnival Corporation to Sail to Cuba with All Travelers, Including Cuban-Born Passengers

Cruise ships and other commercial vessels are now approved to carry persons born in Cuba.

Carnival Corporation’s Fathom brand will be first cruise company to sail from U.S. to Cuba in over 50 years

Starting May 1, Fathom begins every-other-week, 7-day voyages to three ports of call in Cuba

MIAMIApril 22, 2016 — Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE:  CUK), the world’s largest leisure travel company, today announced it will sail as planned from the U.S. to Cuba with all travelers, including Cuba-born passengers, for the company’s week-long voyages to Cuba. Carnival Corporation worked closely with Cuba to allow its cruise ships to operate in a similar manner as current air charter operations to Cuba, starting with its historic inaugural voyage on May 1, 2016.

Last week, in anticipation of this positive outcome, Carnival Corporation announced its new Fathom brand was accepting bookings to Cuba from all travelers, including individuals born in Cuba. Fathom’s 704-passenger Adonia luxury cruise ship will begin sailing to Cuba every other week, marking the first time in over 50 years that a cruise ship has been able to sail from the U.S. to Cuba, as well as the first time in decades that Cuban-born individuals will be able to sail to and from Cuba.

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